The all-new Mitsubishi Xpander MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle) blends futuristic Dynamic Shield Design with ever-reliable performance and true 7-seater spaciousness to effortlessly expand your lifestyle.

Whether you’re driving around town or vacationing with friends and family, the Xpander gives you all the style, ruggedness and practicality you could ask for – enabling you to take on a wide range of terrains with confidence and zero compromises on comfort.

A Powerful First Impression that Delivers All It Promises

The Dynamic Shield Design projects confidence. With sporty Alloy Wheels and Wide Flared Fenders, the Xpander says toughness and power from the first glance. It’s an impression of rugged protection that’s backed up by Halogen Headlamp for night visibility.

When the road is rough, flooded or fully loaded, you can handle it with confidence thanks to Xpander’s superior ground clearance. Plus, with a suspension fitted with shock absorbers with high performance valves that reduce vibrations, and a minimum turning radius of just 5.2 metres, the Xpander handles with the agility of a much smaller vehicle and is optimised to deliver a stable and comfortable drive, especially during cornering or on windy roads.

Engineered for Ultimate Safety

The Xpander features a range of innovative safety features as standard, protecting not just you, but your passengers and other road users: driver and passenger SRS Airbags, seatbelt pre-tensioners with force limiters, ABS and EBD, as well as an impact absorbing structure in the front end of the vehicle in the event of a pedestrian collision. 

The Perfect Balance of Power and Efficiency

The Xpander’s smooth performance, low fuel consumption and reduced noise is the result of its highly durable 1.5 L MIVEC DOHC 16-Valve Aluminium Block Engine. This spirited engine, with advanced MIVEC (Mitsubishi Intelligent Innovative Valve timing lift Electronic Control system), puts ample power at your command and more than enough torque to carry 7 adults up steep mountain passes with ease.

Omotenashi in Every Detail

The Xpander reflects Mitsubishi’s belief in ‘Omotenashi’ – a Japanese word which captures the way in which Japanese hosts pay attention to detail and anticipate their guests’ needs. From ergonomics to flexible seating and multipurpose storage, the concept of Omotenashi can be seen throughout the Xpander’s quality touches and thoughtful features.


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